Player and Club Playing Records

Senior Statistics

A little later than expected, we set out the Senior averages for the Merrion 1st XI going into the second half of the season and the Premier League. In the 27 years since the advent of promotion and relegation within Senior Cricket in 1993, Merrion...

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Merrion Youth Titles

Although there are a few results still missing, Cricket Leinster have compiled a fairly full picture of the results from the youth competitions since records began in 1942. Merrion has done well overall. It has the second highest number of trophies with 63,...

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Senior Career Records

  The Leinster Senior Career Records covering  the past 101 years have been complied and 14 Merrion players feature in the main records. Seven players, headed by Simon Curley who comes in at number 18 in the all time...

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