Existing Members

Subscriptions and Registration
Existing members of the club can use the website to renew their subscriptions. You can pay online or if you prefer directly to the club. If you have already paid your subscription, or are a Life Member, you still need to register your contact details to have full access to the website.
IMPORTANT: To register your details choose the relevant membership category below and go through to the Sign Up page. Choose the relevant options and Press SIGN UP NOW. You should then PROCEED TO CHECKOUT where you will be given the option to make an online payment or confirm that you have already paid your subscription.

Existing Members: Registering and Renewing Membership Guidance

New Members

Join Merrion Cricket Club
For anyone wanting to join Merrion as a new member they must complete an Application Form.  The Application Form can be downloaded, completed, signed and submitted by email from the website. It can also be filled in at the club .

The payment process is the same as for existing members. This can be completed now online or payment made directly at the club.



Subject to registration with Cricket Leinster, these categories of membership may take part in competitions that come under the auspices of Cricket Ireland or Cricket Leinster.
Please note that Junior Members are university students not youth members.

Senior Open Members

From: 350.00 / year

Senior Womens Members

From: 165.00 for 1 year

Senior Family Member

490.00 / year

Junior Womens Members

From: 125.00 for 1 year

Junior Open Members

From: 175.00 for 1 year


Pavilion Membership comes with voting rights, access to social cricket and other benefits. Social Membership provides access to club facilities.

Pavilion Family Member

330.00 / year

Pavilion Member

From: 165.00 for 1 year

Social Member

From: 50.00 for 1 year


Youth players (Under 18s) are catered for in one of two ways. One option is to convert a Pavilion or Senior Membership into a Family Membership. Alternatively, a youth player can be added to a Senior, Junior, Pavilion or Social membership. In the case of new youth members, or where there are changes in relevant details, a Youth Application form should be completed and signed by the responsible parent/guardian.


Apart from individual memberships, renewed annually, there are Corporate, Life and Temporary Memberships. To register details for contact purposes and to gain full access to the Merrion website you should complete the online process as set out above.

Life Membership
There are a limited number of Life Members of Merrion. Existing Life Members should register details to gain full access to the website and, if applicable, to add youth / child members.

Corporate Membership
It is possible for a company / business to join Merrion as a Corporate Member. There are a number of standard packages on offer and it is also possible to tailor a package to meet particular circumstances.

For anyone interested in taking out a Corporate Membership of the club they should contact the Chair of the Finance Committee (Liam Casey) at lcasey@gmail.com

Temporary Membership
Any person who has been granted a Temporary Membership of Merrion by the Management Committee should add their details here to gain full access to the website.

Life Member

0.00 / year