Back to Training at Anglesea Road

Merrion have been today given the given the go ahead by Cricket Leinster to commence training having completed all of the health and safety checks. A lot of work has gone into getting the ground ready by the dedicated Covid Committee and in particular its Chair Paddy Byrne. Merrion online services have also been greatly enhanced by our Tech Guru, Rohit Pahuja. Many thanks to them for all the work. 

For members anxious to get back to training there are a few steps that are required. 

[a] Training is for current members only [this is a requirement of the Training Protocols agreed between Cricket Ireland and Sports Ireland] so you have to pay your subscriptions for the year. The good news is that the Management Committee has taken into account the shortened season and the financial disruptions that some members have suffered and have extended the discount voucher system to the end of June. {See below]

[b] Training has to be booked through the club’s new online booking system. This is important not just to control numbers [only 15 persons are allowed on the ground at any one time during the current phase of the Government’s Covid Relaxation raodmap] but also to have a full record of those on the ground to facilitate ‘track and trace’ in the future. A weekly schedule of available times will be uploaded each week [first thing Friday]. There are times set aside for group training and for personal training and coaching. It is important that you only come down when you have booked. 

[c] Members have to fill in a short health self-assessment form the first time they come down for training and of course if they feel unwell at any stage thereafter they should avoid coming down to the club. 

[d] Training has been structured with the health and safety of members in mind. it is important that everyone uses common sense and abides by the rules. 

[e] When you arrive at the ground remember you have to use your mobile phone to open the gates. If you have any problem with this let us know.

Over the next few weeks it is hoped that there will be further covid relaxation under the government’s roadmap and that we will be able to return to playing matches before not too long. 

Discount Voucher Scheme  To avail of the discount voucher scheme a Senior Playing Member can use the following code covid2020 and a Junior [University] Member trin50 when making an online payment.