Photographic Archive of the Club

Alan Little has collated a large volume of photo archives for the club. There are hosted on Google Photos and the links are below. Please note that the comments on the photos can be viewed by clicking on the Info button.

Merrion History: Research.

79 photos showing the Land Commission games and other research material up to 1925 – here

Merrion History: Team Photos To 1960.

66 photos showing teams up to 1960 – here

Merrion History: Miscellaneous Photos To 1960.

182 photos showing clippings, individuals, etc. – here

Merrion History: Photos from 1961 Onwards.

104 team photos of that era – here

Merrion History: Miscellaneous Photos from 1961 Onwards.

383 photos of that era, showing clippings, individuals, etc – here

Merrion History: Centenary Dinner/New Pavilion.

103 photos of these events – here

Merrion History: Irish Senior Cup 2010.

111 photos of that day – here