Every sports club today must be fully aware of its responsibilities for the health and safety of its members and of those visiting the ground. It must also have a clear plan for dealing with members’ information. And in terms of the playing of cricket itself, the club must respect the traditions of the game and ensure that matches are played in the right spirit.

Merrion Cricket Club is committed to attaining and maintaining the highest standards of governance. These standards are set out in a series of documents, starting with the Club Rules.

In order to ensure that these standards are met the club relies of volunteer members to oversee their operation but it is really down to each and every member to ensure that cricket is played in a safe environment and in accordance with the spirit of the game.


Merrion is run through a series of committees that are made up of volunteer members. The structure, and who is on the key committees, can be viewed by clicking below.

Club Rules
The Constitution

The Club Rules can only be amended at a General Meeting of the Club on the and by a three fourths majority of those present and who are entitled to vote. No alteration in the rules can be made unless the proposed alteration has been included in the Notice sent to members.

The Club Rules were last revised with effect from 1st  October 2022

Child Safety

Child Safeguarding Statement

The Child Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment are required documents for sports clubs under the Children First Act 2015. Merrion is committed to ensuring all children have a safe and positive experience playing cricket in the club in accordance with the guidance provided by Cricket Ireland.

The Child Safety Statement has been updated for the 2023 Season

Privacy Statement
Club Privacy Statement

The Privacy Statement sets out how personal data held by the club is processed, managed and safeguarded by the club. in accordance with  General Data Protection Regulation in the EU.

Development Strategy

Club Strategy

The club released a new Strategy for the club in 2021. This Strategy governs all aspects of the club, including youth development.

Child Safety
Anti-Bullying Policy

Merrion has adopted an anti-bullying policy. This was last reviewed in 2023.


Code of Conduct

Merrion Cricket Club has adopted a Code of Conduct for all members but which should also be respected by anyone visiting the ground to watch or play cricket.