Merrion Youth Update 11th July

Youth cricket started back in May and matches on 8th June. Since then 12 Merrion teams have been in action. The start of the season was much disrupted as the nets project limited the available time for practice. This is now thankfully behind us and our young players can start to get some real time in the nets.

Week 5 [5th July]

Not a great week for results with a lot of players away on holidays. But the Colts [Boys and Girls] are still in the cup. The Boys had an excellent win during the week in the Colts Cup over YMCA [another 50 for Oisin Bhoja]. The Girls also had a victory over YMCA in the Colts Cup, with Sophie Stewart taking the honours with 4/9.


Week 4 [28th June]

Finally, we get to use the nets. It is like the start of the year over again for the Youth Academy. And it comes just in time for our Cricket Camp [Minors].  Already it is good to see kids down over the weekend to get some extra time in the nets.

The week started off well with two wins for our Boys on Monday. The Colts A had a comfortable win over Adamstown [Win by nine wickets] with Oisin Bhoja getting his third half century of the season to go with his century. Unfortunately they came a cropper the next day when they lost a close game with YMCA by 10 runs.

At the same time the Junior Boys won their cup match [QF] against YMCA. It was a good all round performance in the batting with Seb Dijkstra [35], Alex Casey [36] and Simon Kelly [40] all retiring.  There was also good support from Gavin Pantony [16*]. The total of 179/2 was the highest by any youth team of the season so far. Seb [3/14] and Cormac Hayden [3/8] then wrapped things up quickly with three wickets each as YMCA were bundled out for 62.

The Girls Colts continued on their winning ways with a very tight four run win over Leinster on Tuesday. Merrion made 90, thanks in the main to Sophie Stewart who made 30. But the bowlers, led by Niamh McNulty with two wickets, came up trumps and bowled Leinster out for 86.

The week ended badly with losses for the Boys U19 and the Boys Junior B and Girls Junior Teams.


Week 3 [21st June]

Merrion girls finished off the week well with three victories – at Minor, Colts and u17 levels.

The highlight of the week a convincing six wicket victory for the Girls U17s against Pembroke. Runs from Sophie Stewart [31], Isabel Light [23] and three boundaries from Maria Kay to finish it off.


Merrion Girls U17s

The Minor Girls had an excellent win over Leinster [no details] and this was followed up with a victory for the Colts against Rush in the cup. At one stage this looked an unlikely win with over half of the Merrion team out with few runs on the scoreboard. A great stand between Lizzie O’Reilly-Hyland [14] and Millie Jerman [15] rescued the innings. It was then down to the bowlers and they did not disappoint. Naimh McNulty led the way taking three wickets, well supported by Lucy Kay and Sophie Stewart with two each. Best of all there was a much improved all round fielding performance.

Merrion celebrate their Minor Girls Win

On the boys from the Colts made a big score 205/5 against YMCA [Oisin Bhoja and Harry Sandys half-centuries before retiring]. YMCA were 50/1 after seven overs before the game was stopped due to the weather.


So far this year the outstanding individual performance with the bat has come from Oisin Bhoja who not only made his first maiden century against Adamstown in an U17 game on 16th June but has two other half centuries to his credit. Isaac Dijestra and Harry Sandys also made half centuries. Both I think their first for Merrion. On the bowling front Seb Dijestra has been among the wickets.

Mark Rutledge [Chair of Cricket] congratulates Oisin on his maiden century


For the girls Ally Boucher and Isabel Light have both been in the runs.

There may have been some other noteworthy performances but details are not always recorded. Hopefully we will be able to fill in some more of these in the coming weeks.

Finally, we should record the excellent numbers of Cubs and U9s who have been coming down on Friday evenings for practice. The availability of food [and other refreshments for the parents] has been an added attraction.

From now on we hope to update youth results weekly.

Merrion Youth Competition Results
Date Team Opponents For Against Result Headline Notable
10-Jul Girls Junior YMCA LOSS Cup game
10-Jul Boys U19 YMCA LOSS
08-Jul Boys Junior B Terenure LOSS
08-Jul Girls Minor Malahide LOSS
08-Jul Boys Colts A YMCA 125/9 68 Merrion win by 57 runs WIN Oisin Bhoja [50] – QF of Cup
06-Jul Girls Colts YMCA WIN Sophie Stewart 4/9. Next round Semi-Final of Cup
06-Jul Boys Minor Clontarf LOSS
04-Jul Boys Minor A Clontarf LOSS
04-Jul Girls Minor Pembroke Meriron win by 31 runs WIN
02-Jul Gilrs Junior Leinster 119 off 20 120 off 15 LOSS
02-Jul Boys U19 Leinster 177/5 178/2 Leinster win by eight wickets LOSS
01-Jul Boys Junior B Leinster 91/5 122 Leinster win by 31 runs LOSS
29-Jun Boys Colts A YMCA 126 ao 136/5 YMCA winon by 10 runs LOSS
29-Jun Girls Colts Leinster 90 86 Merrion win by 4 runs WIN Sophie Stewart [30].
28-Jun Boys Colts A Adamstown 99/1 98 ao Merrion win by nine wickets WIN Another 50* for Oisin Bhoja
28-Jun Boys Junior A YMCA [C] 172/2 62 ao Merrion win by 106 runs WIN Batting retirements  for Seb Dijestra, Alex Casey and Simon Kelly. Three wickets each for Dijestra and Cormac Hayden. Next round SF.
27-Jun Boys Minor B North Kildare LOSS
26-Jun Girls Minor Leinster 81 67 Merrion win by 14 runs WIN
26-Jun Gilrs Colts Rush 73 65 Merrion win by 8 runs WIN wickets for Niamh Nulty [3], Lucy Kay [2] and Sophie Swewrt [2].
25-Jun Girls U17 Pembroke 111/4 110 Merrion win by six wickets WIN
25-Jun Boys U17 Phoenix Phoenix No Show WO
24-Jun Boys Colts A YMCA 205/5 50/1 Game Interrupted Rain Draw Oisin Bhoja and Harry Sandys score half centuries
24-Jun Girls Junior Clontrf LOSS
23-Jun Boys Colts A Pembroke Merrion lost by six wickets LOSS Isaac Dijskra made 50*
23-Jun Boys Minor A Adamstown Merrion lost by 49 runs LOSS
21-Jun Boys Colts B Terenure 86/3 85 ao Merrion won by 7 wickets WIN
20-Jun Boys Junior A Adamstown 82 130 ao Adamstwon won by 48 runs LOSS
18-Jun Girls Colts Terenure 117 93 Merrion win by 25 runs WIN Ally Boucher and Isabel Light both retired [35*]. Two wickets each for Caoimhe Byrne and Milie Jerman.
18-Jun Boys Junior A Phoenix Postponed
17-Jun Girls Junior Clontarf LOSS
17-Jun Boys Junior A* Leinster [C] WIN Next round agaisnt YMCA
17-Jun Girls Junior Clontarf LOSS
16-Jun Boys Junior A Pembroke Postponed
16-Jun Boys U17 Adamstown Merrion win by 60 runs WIN Oisin Bhoja scores maiden century.
16-Jun Boys Minor B Finglas WIN
15-Jun Boys U17 Phoenix Merrion win by 5 wckts WIN
14-Jun Boys Minor A Leinster WIN
14-Jun Boys Colts A Railway Railway win by 17 runs LOSS Oisin Bhoja 50*
13-Jun Girls Minor Clontarf LOSS
12-Jun Boys Minor B Phoenix LOSS
10-Jun Boys Colts A Railway Merrin win by 39 runs WIN
09-Jun Boys U17 YMCA YMCA win by 30 runs LOSS Seb Dijkstra 6-7
08-Jun Boys Junior B Adamstown WIN