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Cricket Ireland Strategic Plan

Cricket Ireland has just published their strategy plan for the period 2021 – 2023. 

Given the impact of the pandemic and the fact that the next ICC funding round does not kick in until 2024, the immediate focus of the Plan is one of consolidation. This is called the Strengthening Phase, to be followed by one of fresh growth. 

There is a very clear message in the document around the importance of strengthening the grass roots of cricket in this country – with a focus on clubs. 

‘Our overall goal is to strengthen our club infrastructure in each province with practical, impactful and tailored supports co-ordinated through each Provincial Union that reflects the importance of the clubs as the core foundation of the game on the island.’

So what does this mean for local clubs like Merrion. For a start each club has a responsibility to produce their own development plan. Merrion is currently working on a new Strategy Statement which will be key to this. Beyond that there is the promise of more resources for clubs, a revamped coaching structure, the development of programmes to assist club administrators and coaches and assistance in creating ‘club roadmaps’ tailored for individual clubs. 

Of course in the end the Plan will be judged not on the words written but the actions taken. But the strategy is well crafted and not overly aspirational. It is a good start. 

For further information and to get a copy of the CI Strategy go to. https://www.cricketisland.ie