As we approach Christmas what better time to serve up some cricket statistics. Thanks to the efforts of the late Derek Scott and others there is a complete record of every Senior League, Cup and League Cup game played since the league was formed in 1919. Merrion 1st XI  has taken part in nearly 1600 of these. 

Merrion took part in the Senior League for the first time in 1926.  Since then the 1st XI have won 609 games, against 683 losses. A win/loss ratio of 89%. 

But this negative ratio still represents a significant improvement in the fortunes of the club. At the end of the first 50 years of playing senior cricket Merrion had a win/loss ratio of only 73%. Since then the team has won more games than it has lost, 102%, if only just. 

As might be expected Merrion’s record against the newer clubs is generally better than the founder members. Of the 23 teams the 1st XI turned out against, it has a positive record against 10. The teams we have had least success against are Old Belvedere, Carlisle and Clontarf. 

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