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Women’s Competitions 2022

The details of the competition structures for Merrion’s Open teams have been released by Cricket Leinster, see  https://www.cricketleinster.ie/news/womens-competitions-structure-for-the-2022-season

This year Merrion will be putting in three teams with a total of 43 scheduled league fixtures, at least three cups games [hopefully more] and eight Pilkington games.

1st XI        League opponents: Clontarf, Leinster, Pembroke, Malahide, Phoenix, The Hills, YMCA.

1st Xi        Pilkington opponents: Pembroke, Malahide, Clontarf, North Kildare

2nd XI       League opponents: Balbriggan, Clontarf II, Leinster II, Malahide II, N Kildare, Rush, YMCA II, Trinity

3rd XI        League opponents: Balbriggan II, Knockharley, Mullingar, N Kildare II, Pembroke III, Phoenix II, Terenure II