Merrion’s Electric Roller

This year Merrion has taken a major step towards creating a carbon neutral sports club. Merrion has become the first cricket club in Ireland, and only the fourth across the United Kingdom and Ireland, to purchase an electric heavy roller especially designed for cricket. Working off rechargeable batteries it does not require any diesel / petrol to operate. It is also almost silent.

It is hoped that this is only the beginning and the Management Committee is looking to find other ways to reduce our carbon footprint. But this is a medium to long term project and the Committee is hoping that one of our members will step forward and lead the project. Anyone interested please contact the President, Liam Casey.

Another new initiative this year with environmental benefits is the Government’s new Deposit Return Scheme for bottles and cans. A dual recycling receptacle for cans and bottles with the Re-turn Logo or the relevant bar-code on them has been set up at the entrance to the club. The club will arrange for the cans and bottles to be brought to a shop that operates the government scheme. Any monies received will be set aside for use by the youth section.

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