Merrion’s Bowling Honour Board 2023

It is never easy deciding where to draw the line when it comes to qualifying for best bowling performances. The traditional five wickets in an innings is too high a marker when a bowler is restricted to 10 or fewer overs. Therefore, for the purpose of the Honour Board we allow ‘four wicket’ hauls or better in league and cup competitions [excluding T20s]. 

In 2023, 18 players made the Bowlers Honours Board for Open Competitions, out of 22 entries in total. Peter Forkin topped the table with his memorable 6/22 against Malahide in the Premier II league.  On the same day Chetan Suttraway took 6/26 for the 5th XI v Swords in Division 11.  Chetan also secured the most appearances on the Board, included another five wickets for the 4th XI against Civil Service 3 in D7. As he made his way up the teams, his third appearance was in D4 where he took 4/32 against Cork Harlequins on 9th September. 

As a point of reference, the equivalent figure for those qualifying for the Honour Board in 2022 was 28. 

A couple of final points to note. Hari Ramasetty took 5/24 in a T20 match for the 4th XI against Bagenalstown on 18th June and Jan Dijkstra took 4/33 for the 6ths the following week against Dundalk, also in a T20 game.  There are four youth players on the Honours Board, Síbha Bhoja, Seb Dijkstra, Daniel Forkin and Sid Muthu.  

The full list is set out below and you can see the scorecard for the day by clicking the date.

Rank Name Team Opposition Comp Date Vebue Figures
1 Peter Forkin Merrion 2 Malahide 2 Premier II 07-May-23 Malahide 1  6-22
2 Chetan Suttraway Merrion 5 Swords 2 D11 07-May-23 Bird Avenue  6-26
3 Siddharth Kalra Merrion 3 Knockharley 1 D4 13-Aug-23 Kentstown  6-30
4 Chetan Suttraway Merrion 4 Civil Service 3 D7 05-Jun-23 Anglesea Road  6-41
5 Anthony Jones Merrion 7 Sandyford 4 D19 23-Apr-23 Marlay Park  5-14
6 Grant Glutz Merrion 2 YMCA 2 Premier II 08-Jul-23 Claremont Road  5-31
7 Sebastian Dijkstra Merrion 2 Clontarf 2 Senior II Cup 25-Jun-23 Anglesea Road  5-38
8 Síbha Bhoja Merrion 7 Halverstown 2 D19 07-May-23 Brannockstown  4-11
9 Vikas Dhiman Merrion 4 Tyrrelstown 1 D7 16-Sep-23 Anglesea Road  4-16
10 Mark Sandys Merrion 6 North County 5 D14 23-Sep-23 Kentstown  4-25
11 Rishabh Sharma Merrion 6 North County 5 D14 08-Jul-23 Bird Avenue  4-26
12 Chetan Suttraway Merrion 3 Cork Harlequins 1 D4 09-Sep-23 Farmers Cross  4-32
13 Sidharth Muthu Merrion 3 Cork Harlequins 1 D4 09-Sep-23 Farmers Cross  4-34
14 Daniel Forkin Merrion 2 Railway Union 2 Premier II 12-Aug-23 Park Avenue  4-36
15 Ethan Hall Merrion 7 Tyrrelstown 5 D19 21-May-23 Bird Avenue  4-37
16 Siddharth Kalra Merrion 3 YMCA 3 D4 24-Jun-23 Anglesea Road  4-37
17 Himanshu Sharma Merrion 4 Kilkenny 1 D7 03-Jun-23 Castleblunden  4-40
18 Hugh Kennedy Merrion 1 YMCA 1 Premier 01-Jul-23 Claremont Road  4-41
19 Kunal Kalra Merrion 5 Tyrrelstown 2 D11 13-May-23 Tyrrelstown Park  4-44
20 Nitin Sharma Merrion 3 YMCA 3 D4 24-Jun-23 Anglesea Road  4-45
21 Abrarulhaq Nasiri Merrion 4 Greystones 1 D7 19-Aug-23 Greystones – Druids  4-61
22 Grant Glutz Merrion 2 Malahide 2 Premier II 20-Aug-23 Anglesea Road  4-82

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