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Historic Ranking of Junior Teams

An interesting article on the Cricket Leinster website features historic material on Junior League tables. The article can be found at https://www.cricketleinster.ie/news/historical-junior-league-tables-coming-soon

The Table shows the highest and lowest positions of the various Merrion league teams back to 1980.

Merrion 1st XI have won what is now the Premier League on a number of occasions and accordingly have occupied the highest ranking spot in the league more than once. Its lowest position was in 1991 when the 1stXI occupied 14th place in the ranking, 7th in Division 2 [D2].

The 2nd XI also came as high as they can in Junior Cricket winning the D3 League [last time in 2006]. Of course they also spent two years in Senior Cricket [we no longer use the distinction between Junior and Senior cricket except in the averages]. The highest ranking position across all Divisions for the 2nd XI was 15th. The worst rank the 2nd XI was in 2010 when they were 3rd in D4 [27th place]

The best the 3rd XI achieved was 24th place overall, winning D3 in 2006. In 1985 they were as low as 43rd.

The best and worst positions of the remaining teams are 4th XI [33rd and 57th], 5th XI [46th and 105th], 6th XI [59th and 104th] 7th XI [82nd and 115th] and the 8th XI [91st and 121st].

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