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Get your Merrion gear now!

With open and womens cricket matches due to start early in June, anyone interested in playing this season needs to get their new Merrion match gear. The details are set out here.

The new club kit was launched last week in partnership with Shrey Sports.  It can be viewed and purchased at the following link https://www.shreysports.co.uk/teamwear/merrion-cc, with the password MCCKit.

Kit is split into core and bespoke, the bespoke kit consists of the new coloured playing kit, a selection of which will need to be purchased by all members planning to play in open and women’s competitions in the coming season. The core range comprises of a new range of training kit and whites, which are available to all members, to purchase as much or of as little as you wish and are totally optional. The Junior shop houses all items core and bespoke, in children’s sizes (where applicable).

Core range kit is available to purchase all year around, with no minimum order restrictions and only a 2 week lead time. However, the bespoke garments come with certain order restrictions, and a 6 week lead time, hence this kit will only be available for the next 2 weeks, until Tuesday the 4th of May when the order window shuts.

The club is aware that there is still uncertainty surrounding the coming season, but rest assured irrespective of the outcome of this season in terms of Covid-19, this kit will be used going forward by all adult teams, as we’ve signed a 5 year agreement with Shrey Sports. So we urge all members to purchase their new coloured playing kit now, so that they are prepared for any cricket we play this season, as there won’t be another opportunity to purchase the clubs playing kit ahead of the start of the 2021 season.

Members should also be aware that there is an additional 5% discount on all items until the 14th of May, on top of our 25% discount from RRP that we have already secured, this was a top priority of the cricket committee so as to make this transition as affordable as possible for members.

Please see below some specifics given to us by the suppliers name relation to certain items.

  1. The jerseys are fitted, and we have been told that going a size up to be safe is advisable ie if you are normally between a medium and large, purchasing a large is highly advisable.
  2. There are also sizing guides on the Shrey website that we are informed are quite accurate.
  3. Getting your initials is an option on all training kit (£3 per item) and coloured jerseys and jumper (free)