Merrion is located close to the RDS, the Aviva Stadium and the business area of Ballsbridge. It is available for parking on most match days for Leinster and Ireland Rugby matches. It may also be open for other events, including concerts and RDS events, but you need to check the website to find out more.

Parking is also available for those who have reserved booking during the week.

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Parking is generally available for rugby and soccer matches taking place in the Aviva and the RDS. It may also be available for other RDS events.

Members can reserve a place and pay online on days when Merrion are running a car park. Reservations must be made no later than three hours before the match. Check out whether there is limited or full (on the grass) parking spaces available.

Upcoming Events

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There are a small number of available parking spaces for cars during the working week. Contact for details.


Anyone wishing to stay in Merrion over the week of the RDS Horseshow, or to park a truck, horsebox or other vehicle on the ground, must book in advance and pay online.

The cost of staying for the week at Merrion varies with the size of the vehicle. You can book your 2022 RDS Horseshow parking spot now from the link below.