Girls Junior v YMCA


Match Notes

On Monday, the 27th of July, the Merrion junior girls had a league match against YMCA. Merrion won the toss, so the girls decided to bat first. Isabel and Annabel opened the batting. They batted incredibly well, with Annabel retiring at 38 runs and Isabel at 37. Niamh and Ali also played very well, both adding to the score nicely and both not out. Merrion ended up getting 145 runs.

Niamh and Isabel opened the bowling spectacularly, Isabel getting the first wicket of the match! Next Annabel and Maria bowled some lovely overs, while the rest of our team fielded excellently,not letting many runs through. After that Lucy and Sophie bowled beautifully, Lucy bowling an excellent ball, getting the girls another wicket. Up after that, Sibha and Lizzie bowled very well, Sibha got two wonderful wickets and definetly sent those stumps to the dumps! Finally to finish up the innings, Niamh, Annabel and Isabel bowled the last four overs. Isabel getting a runout off Niamh’s ball with some excellent fielding. Ali also kept great throughout the match. Caoimhe and Alice fielded wonderfully throughout the match. Merrion won the match 145-78!


Date Time Competition Season
July 27, 2020 10:00 am Junior Girls League Youth 2021

Girls Junior